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This project is loads of fun to do by yourself or even with a child. Jeff, Skylar and I had a blast doing this project together. It brings the family together in making something as a team as well as it gives you something to admire days, even weeks after it’s finished.

•Wax Paper
•Hot Iron and Ironing Board
•Red, Orange, Pink, Light Purple Colored Crayons
•Thick Craft Paper, or Brown Paper Sacks (cut in 1/2)
•Pencil Sharpener or Sharp Flat Knife
•Glass Plate
•Twine or Yarn

First you will want to turn the iron and and have it heating up. Turn it on to medium not hotter then that or you will burn the wax to fast.

Take a colored crayon, I found out it is better to use one color at a time rather then many colors because when melting the colors they tend to run together and it looks to sloppy. Begin sharpening the crayon till it is about gone and discard the remainder that will not fit into the sharpener, or shave the crayon with a knife onto the glass plate. The reason for the glass plate is because the static that the crayon shavings will produce will stick to paper or anything else for that matter. Once you have the desired amount of shaved crayon onto the plate, take a sheet of wax paper about as long as 1/2 your ironing board. Fold the wax paper in 1/2 so that the ends meet up and crease the folded side. Place craft paper down onto your ironing board and the wax paper you just folded onto of the craft paper, place your crayon shavings into the middle of the wax paper and fold over. Once you have the wax paper with the crayon shavings inside the middle of the wax paper, place another sheet of craft paper over the top of the wax paper. The reasoning for the craft paper is to protect your ironing board as well as your iron from getting a build-up of wax on them both. With the top craft paper in place run your iron over the top about 2 times and then check to see how spreadable the crayon has become. You want to check the crayon after each pass to make sure it is melting at the right consistancy. You don’t want to melt it completely to where it is a watery type of liquid, just enough to disperse the crayon throughout the wax paper and to where you no longer know it is crayon shavings. After melting it completely onto the wax paper, remove the craft paper on top and allow to cool for about 30 second. Once it has cooled to where you can handle the wax paper, begin to cut out hearts in different shapes and sizes that will look nice in the window you have choosen to display them. Cut a small peice of yarn and tape to the back of the heart that will face toward the inside of the house. Hang from the window and admire.

Below is a picture of the hearts we did. Every morning when the sun comes up I look at them and it reminds me of how fun it was for all of us to do such a sweet, love filled project together for Valentines Day! I hope you have just as much fun doing this and other projects that I will post on here.



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